Author Topic: FLSM Public Version 1.056 Official - March 2017  (Read 1171 times)

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FLSM Public Version 1.056 Official - March 2017
« on: March 30, 2017, 07:06:52 PM »
Future Love Space Machine - March 2017 - 1.056 UPDATE

 Here we are again with a new update. Hell yeah!

FLSM Base Game Download Version 1.056:

If you need the Extra Goodies (unlocks the Character Editor, characters, poses, etc.) it's available to patrons on our Patreon page, or to supporters on our page.


Changes in 1.056:


There's WAY too much to fully list, but here are a few highlights:
Main Game:
  • TONS of bug fixes and improvements
  • MUCH faster loading and framerate
  • 'POV' First Person view mode (click a character's picture on the Action Bar for menu)
  • New animated Solo Vaginal Masturbation position
  • Two new official Characters, 'Shavannah' and 'Adra-duQua'
  • 'Cali Cali GunGun' now included in Extras
  • 'Rei' now included in Extras
  • Higher resolution skin specularity details
  • Most Official Characters now have back-stories
  • 'Sweat' slider added to Action Bar
  • 'Speed' slider changed to slider instead of dial
  • Animation speed tweaked for faster fucking
  • Improved Genital physics during sex
  • Improved hand positioning for all poses
  • Improved sex position animations
  • Improved Character Selection UI
  • Improved opening menu screen
  • New splash opening with Unity/Ripened Peach logos

  • Ability to create back-stories for custom characters, including...
  • New WYSIWYG editor (with colors!) to create back-stories
  • Ability to add a Species type to custom characters
  • Custom Characters now have portraits in the Select Screen
  • Ten new standing poses in the Character Editor (for sexy screen shots!)
  • New hairstyles in the Character Editor including African American styles
  • New background colors in the Character Editor (for screen shots!)
  • New Skin Markings in the Character Editor
  • New "Mirrorshades" eye type in the Character Editor
  • New adjustable Pubic Hair positioning in the Character Editor
  • New "Breast Weight" adjustment in the Character Editor
  • New "Breast Bounciness (!)" adjustment in the Character Editor
  • Breasts now have improved gravity and weight in sex poses
  • New Penis and testicle shapes in the Character Editor
  • 'Goddess' body shape added to Character Editor
  • 'Plump' head shape added to Character Editor


This release is live on so if you've purchased it there then it should be downloadable on your downloads page.

Thanks again, everyone, for your continued support! :)

Onward and Upward,
~ Giselle and ViV
Ripened Peach
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